Kelly L. Campbell

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach

Kelly L. Campbell (they/she) speaks and writes about "The New TLC"—trauma, leadership, and consciousness. The author of HEAL to LEAD, Kelly is a Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach to emerging and established leaders who know they are meant for more.

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Many Confident Leaders Resist Change — And These 5 Emotional Wounds Could Be to Blame

Five core emotional wounds keep low-conscious leaders from embracing the uncertainty of change, which can stunt the growth and innovation of their organizations — and negatively influence employees, culture, and the bottom line.


Trauma no integrado: Cómo mejorar la comunicación al entender las respuestas al estrés

Con frecuencia, sin que seamos conscientes de ello, el trauma se manifiesta en nuestros cuerpos. Para convertirnos en líderes verdaderamente conscientes, debemos llevar compasión y curiosidad a nuestras propias heridas, así como a las de los demás.

Growing a Business

Unintegrated Trauma: How to Improve Communication by Understanding Stress Responses

Often without our conscious awareness, trauma manifests in our bodies. To become truly conscious leaders, we must bring compassion and curiosity to our own wounding as well as that of others.


How to Lead with Compassion During These Traumatic Times

Afraid of getting it wrong, most leaders remain silent about collectively traumatizing events. While that's no longer an option, it can be hard to know where to begin, so here are five actionable considerations for organizational leaders.


Burnout Is Not Preventable — Here's How to Address Its Underlying Cause Instead

Burnout cannot be prevented with sabbaticals or self-care regimens because most of it is rooted in unresolved trauma. Instead, it requires healing and integration of past emotional wounds to increase self-worth and self-value, the ability to set healthy boundaries and a clearer vision and commitment to how we want to live and lead.


Why Trauma Integration Will Give You a Competitive Advantage in Leadership

By actively working to heal and integrate their past trauma, leaders create safe and empowering environments for their teams.

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