Kokab Rahman

Business Growth Strategist / Career Advisor

Kokab Rahman is a business and career strategist, and founder of Radeya Global. She has written articles and books on skills development, business and career. Her books include titles like "Self-Help for Entrepreneurs and People Working from Home" and "Accounting for Beginners," available on Amazon.

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Thought Leaders

How to Avoid Imposter Syndrome and Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Why do some people achieve everything they want even when they aren't qualified while others struggle? It has to do with conveying confidence in one's communication. Here is how you can ensure you feel and appear confident.

Starting a Business

The Secret to a Successful Startup? Focus on Accurate Financial Records

Studies show that many startups are not handling the financial side of business correctly. This is a big mistake that can hinder growth.


How to Identify, Prevent and Avoid Burnout at Work

Burnout leers many entrepreneurs and business owners into its trap. But it comes with many negative side effects, ones that can take a bigger toll than just a few days of missed work.


Why Automated Email Marketing Is an Essential Tool for Small-Business Owners

Email marketing is the best way to reach customers and get sales. Here's why.


Por qué el marketing por correo electrónico automatizado es una herramienta esencial para los propietarios de pequeñas empresas

El marketing por correo electrónico es la mejor manera de llegar a los clientes y obtener ventas. Este es el por qué.

Growing a Business

Make an Empire, Not a Business

Entrepreneurship is all about thinking big. Why limit yourself?

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