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Kristina Libby

Kristina Libby

Guest Writer / Professor at the University of Florida and Founder of SoCu

Kristina Libby is a professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications and a founder of two Dallas-area companies, SoCu (the Influencer Marketplace) and SocialWorks (a boutique marketing agency). She recently published her first book: You Don't Need Social Media, Unless You Are Doing It Right. 


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How Much Should You Really Be Spending on Influencer Marketing?

Between 1 to 25 percent of your marketing budget is the broad rule of thumb.
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The Future of Content Marketing: Why Click Bait Won't Cut It

For businesses to succeed, they will need to shift away from a lot of attention-grabbing headlines to more quality posts created from people outside the company.
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3 Secrets to Making Your Videos a Success on Social Media

With video consumption on the rise, here is how to ensure your videos stand out on social media and get the best return on investment for your company.