Lauren Hirsch Williams

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
High-Performance/Business Relevance Strategist

Lauren Hirsch Williams is a high-performance strategist helping professionals learn how to better read people and win the room. She’s served as worldwide director of advertising at PepsiCo, founder of MyTurn TV — focused on female empowerment, MovieHatch, and as an executive producer and consultant.

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Cómo ganarte a la audiencia con habilidades de persuasión efectivas

La habilidad para persuadir no radica únicamente en los detalles, la información y la manera de exponerla; implica establecer una conexión significativa que haga eco en quienes te escuchan. Aquí exploramos cómo una combinación entre relatos, escucha activa e interacción genuina no solo puede captar la atención, sino también ganar corazones y mentes, estableciendo el escenario para lograr el éxito en cualquier presentación.


How to Win Over the Room With Effective Persuasion Skills

The art of persuasion is not just about the notes, the data, and the pitch; it's about creating a connection that resonates with the audience. We explore how a blend of story, active listening, and genuine interaction can not only capture attention but also win hearts and minds, setting the stage for achieving success in any meeting.


Why a Marine's Mindset Can Help You Skyrocket Your Company's Success

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If You Want Your Pitches to Improve, Use These 3 Simple Tips

Most people think a pitch is all about how well they give a presentation but the reality is that's only one piece of the 'successful pitch' pie. There are other areas of the meeting that need to be considered - starting with understanding what motivates other people in the room.

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