Lisa Patrick

Lisa Patrick

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Brand Strategist, Business Dev Specialist, Market Inventor, Connector

Lisa Patrick is an award-winning branding specialist, podcast host, startup advisor, co-founder of and co-author of Intelligent Curiosity. Patrick is sought after for her abilities in marketing, market positioning, product development, operations and scaling.

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Want More Powerful Branding? Go All In.

We break down the ultimately strategy for business owners who want more than mediocrity.

The Misunderstood Role of Personal Branding Within Organizations

How your employees portray their involvement and build a personal brand within your company can be as influential as the organization's marketing efforts.

Want Influence? Use Intelligent Curiosity

With a high level of awareness, you are more prepared to recognize opportunities others will walk right past.

6 Ways Connections Create a Sense of Belonging Anywhere With Any Workplace

Working remotely can often have a negative impact on co-worker relationships. Here's how to avoid feeling disconnected.

How to Build the Right Mindset to Change Careers and Learn New Skills Fast

Many Americans who lost their jobs in the pandemic say they will be looking to change careers rather than get another job in the same field. Here's how to build a mindset for success.

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