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Instagram Accidentally Made Users' Feeds Scroll Horizontally

Instagram gave your feed the stories treatment.

Dutch Court Rejects Man's Attempt to Change Legal Age for Tinder

He wanted to be legally declared 20 years younger.

Google Shutters Google+ After It Exposed Data for Hundreds of Thousands of Users

The company also didn't tell users about the exposure.

Amazon Will Sell Full-Size, Live Christmas Trees This Holiday Season

They'll be eligible for Prime shipping.

Amazon Calls Bernie Sanders's Working Conditions Claims 'Misleading'

It's encouraging employees to send their stories to the senator.

Google Employees Push Back on Censored China Search Engine

They're demanding more transparency and ethics reviews.

Uber Drivers Have Completed More Than 10 Billion Trips

Uber doubled its trip count in just over a year despite its many challenges.

Cambridge Analytica Is Closing, But It Solves Nothing

We still don't have an idea of how far this really goes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Criticizes Facebook Privacy Standards

He said Facebook should have regulated itself.
Self-Driving Cars

India Will Ban Driverless Cars in Order to Protect Jobs

The country's transport minister addressed the issue in a statement today.

Google Urges Congress to Revise Outdated Overseas Data Laws

The push comes after a series of contradictory rulings in the U.S.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Brings His Mars Plan Before the Scientific Community

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla really wants to go to the red planet.