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Mansal Denton

Mansal Denton

Guest Writer / Founder of Nootropedia

Mansal Denton is an entrepreneur and self explorer currently developing Nootropedia, which offers unbiased and accessible information to improve mental performance. He enjoys active hobbies, including hiking and jiu-jitsu, as well as quiet contemplation and meditation.

Business Moving Forward

Eating Less Is the Latest Silicon Valley Productivity Hack

Fasting is an uncomplicated way to get more alert, not just skinnier.
Business Moving Forward

Every Entrepreneur Needs Flow. Nootropics Can Get You There.

Modern psychopharmacology allows us to reliably summon flow states to create meaningful work.
Run a Better Business

3 Examples From the Battlefield of Discipline Succeeding In the Face of Adversity

Whether on the battlefield or in the boardroom, these principles will ensure victory in the face of adversity.
Life Lessons

In Prison I Found Freedom Through My Personal Discipline

Even when we have no control over external circumstances we retain control of actions and reactions.

Reconnecting With Play Will Help You Succeed

Play isn't just for children. As we age, it can help us to innovate better, prevent anxiety and stress and live a more fulfilling existence.

5 Harsh Lessons Learned in Prison That Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

Business success and prison survival both require managing relationships, accepting consequences and maintaining the right balance of humilty and confidence.