Mark Ang

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
CEO and Co-founder of GoBolt

Mark Ang is the CEO and Co-Founder of GoBolt, a technology company building the first sustainable and vertically integrated supply chain network. GoBolt provides a planet positive approach to end-to-end logistics. The company is committed to providing carbon-neutral deliveries by 2024.


Operations & Logistics

5 Things Logistics Providers Should Consider Before Investing in Electric Vehicle Delivery Fleets

Here are five critical factors logistics providers should consider before making the leap to electric vehicles.

Operations & Logistics

3 Ways Consumers are Driving Change in Retail Logistics for 2023

Here's how retailers can embrace consumer cues on sustainability, transparency and customer service in 2023 and beyond.

Science & Technology

Retailers' Powerful Role in a More Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery

Retailers hold a lot of power in healing our planet from the damage that's already been done and in preventing further harm - and they can make significant changes by prioritizing sustainable last-mile deliveries.

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