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25 Household Expenses You Can Cut

Owning a home is a great goal to have. However, once you have ownership — there are some easy-to-miss expenses that you no longer want to afford. These are fees...

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A Fixed Annuity 101 Guide

Those new to the finance world and looking into retirement may be overwhelmed with all the new terms and information out there. In this article, we give you a Fixed...

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An Annuity 101 Guide for Non-Biased Consumers

When saving for retirement, there are a handful of options. However, when considering options, many worry about an income stream during retirement. Thankfully, an annuity addresses the income stream issue,...

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Some Say Millennials Aren't Savers — We Are!

In the modern-day, everything from computers to cars are getting more expensive. As young people, this can be difficult since we don't have much money and focus on saving. Because...

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Make Your Millennial Self into a Millennial SuperStar

As millennials, we’ve been able to witness some amazing inventions and people when we were growing up. It’s incredible to watch the Steve Jobs of the world do the amazing...

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Millennials Living With Parents — Saving to Care for Parents

As Millennials, we have been so fortunate and blessed to live at the time which we do. The economy has recovered and is doing well, we have technological and medical...

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