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Michal Addady is a writer for the Fortune website.


Budweiser's Patriotic Packaging Reaches a Whole New Level

This summer Budweiser is debuting a new seasonal packaging that screams 'Merica. Literally.

These Are the Most Influential Business People on the TIME 100

The list has a wide range spanning models, musicians and chefs, as well as tech titans and business giants.

Here Are the 10 Worst Jobs in America

The top spot on CareerCast.com's list goes to a profession close to our hearts.

Burger King Is Starting to Sell Hot Dogs

'It's so obvious,' says the company's head of North American operations. 'I don't know why we didn't do this before.'

Uber Is Piloting an On-Demand Helicopter Service

The ridesharing giant has inked a deal with Airbus Group to test on-demand helicopter rides at the Sundance Film Festival this week.

YouTube's Biggest Star Is Getting His Own Network From Disney

With more than 40 million subscribers, PewDiePie has the single biggest YouTube channel and he's amassing a group of likeminded content creators to create content.

Chobani Under Fire for Claiming That Yoplait Contains 'Bug Spray'

General Mills has filed a lawsuit against the yogurt company for its #NoBadStuff ad campaign.

White House Joins Snapchat Ahead of State of the Union

This will also be the first time that the State of the Union will be available to stream on-demand.

Oregon Bakery Pays $144,000 After Refusing Service to Same-Sex Couple

The bakery owners were found to be in violation of anti-discrimination laws because their bakery was not registered as a religious institution.

Why Coca-Cola's $550K Payments to an Anti-Obesity Group Is Causing a Stir

That's in addition to $2 million in donations that have fallen under scrutiny.

Uber Expands Its UberEATS App

It's delving further into food delivery.

Microsoft Will Give You Money for Your Old MacBook

The company is paying $200 for Windows machines and $300 for Apple ones.

Kraft Recalls 36,000 Cases of Cheese Over Possible Choking Hazard

The recall was voluntary after the company received 10 complaints.

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