Michelle V. Rafter

Michelle V. Rafter

Michelle V. Rafter covers business and workplace issues for a variety of national publications. She is based in Portland, Ore.


New Overtime Rules Boost Interest in Scheduling Software

New worker-friendly rules on overtime, paid sick leave and predictable schedules have employers reevaluating their shift-scheduling and time-and-attendance software.

7 Second-Act Entrepreneurs

These well-known Americans overcame bad times in midlife to reach business fame and fortune.

Need Help Retaining Employees? Some Apps for That

Social media-style programs give workers public kudos when they go above and beyond. Consider these employee rewards-and-recognition apps.

Film 'Marigold Hotel' Portrays Reinvention on a Budget

A new film about British expats in India inspires a contest awarding $150,000 and vacations to social entrepreneurs over 50.

8 Ways to Make a Reverse Mentorship Work for You

In a constantly changing digital workplace, it pays to team up with younger colleagues to glean tips on social media, mobile apps and more.

Reading List: 10 Insightful Books for Career Changers

Where to find step-by-step basics and inspiration if you're after a new gig, switching careers or thinking of starting a business

How to Raise Cash on Kickstarter

What you need to know about using the crowd-funding website to finance a creative project

How to Win a $100,000 Purpose Prize

Director Alexandra Kent shares some pointers for social entrepreneurs. The deadline is March 30.

10 Workplace Trends to Watch in 2012

Keep up with the ever changing American workplace with these 10 trends.

Software for Social Media Junkies

Because it's hard to stay off Facebook with willpower alone.

Cheap Chic: Frugal Living Tips for 2012

10 ways to live well while saving money in the new year.

12 Tips for Trading Places in 2012

Thinking about a new job or starting a business of your own? Here's how to jumpstart your encore career.

'Pursuit of Happyness': Chris Gardner on Reinventing Yourself

The star of a real-life rags-to-riches tale shares advice for people struggling through a midlife career transition.

Boomers Lead the Way With Business Startups

Entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s are becoming business owners faster than any other group.

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