Nick Francis

Nick Francis

Co-Founder, Help Scout

Nick Francis is a co-founder at Help Scout.

Inspiring Your Team

How to Attract Top Talent for Your Virtual Team

Attracting top talent is your greatest strength as a company-especially as a remote culture.
Growth Strategies

Are 'Unicorns' Made to Last?

We're in a cycle that celebrates and rewards growth at almost any cost, but that doesn't mean it's the right approach.
Inspiring Your Team

Never Lose Your Overachiever Culture

It might seem counterintuitive, but self-imposed limitations can unlock magic when applied properly to a team, a product or the business as a whole.
Take It From The Pros

Hard-Earned Lessons From Building a Remote Culture

While the benefits of working on a remote team can be tremendous, being successful requires radical commitment from your team's leadership.
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