Nihal Advani

Founder & CEO of QualSights

Nihal Advani is the founder and CEO of QualSights, an insights technology platform that helps brands grow by generating deeper and more authentic insights from consumers anywhere in the world in a remarkably fast and cost-effective manner.

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Growing a Business

What Tennis, Microsoft and Starting My Own Company Taught Me About the Mind's Role in Achieving Success

In both sports and business, it's not about your position, past wins or how many supporters you have. If you cultivate the right mindset, you'll be prepared for any competition in the world.

Growing a Business

Starting a New Venture? Don't Make These Research Mistakes.

If you're thinking about launching a novel product or starting a business, you first need to test your assumptions. While traditional product research usually falls short of providing actionable insights in the discovery phase, there are easy ways to tweak it to get the data you need.

Growing a Business

The 4 Ps of Successfully Scaling a Business

As entrepreneurs transition from the unpredictable, hectic life of startups to scaling their businesses, familiar challenges morph into new frustrations. Thankfully, you can cultivate these four traits to make the transition easier.

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