Nyla Khan

Nyla Khan

Co-founder, Mirai Partners, Willow Tree Kids, and Kids World Nurseries

About Nyla Khan

Nyla Khan is the co-founder for Mirai Partners, Willow Tree Kids, and Kids World Nurseries. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30 millennial educator who has over the past ten years lived, worked, and pursued the same dream of wanting to create sustainable and scalable change for the most vulnerable among us. Over the past two years, as the co-founder at Mirai, Nyla brought artificial intelligence and literacy assessment to governments across the MENA region, with a potential impact on millions of students. On the other hand, with Willow Tree Kids and Kids World Nurseries, she and her team have been pioneering a new nursery for “the new normal,” along with launching the first machine learning-enabled personalized early learning platform.

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