Paul Korzeniowski


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Can the Palm Pre Revitalize This Company?

Palm has been spiraling downward in recent years. The company hopes the new Palm Pre will reverse its fortunes, but the jury's out and that makes buying Palm a wait-and-see game for SMBs.

Business News

Usage-Based Internet Access Not Coming Anytime Soon

While flat-rate access may be appealing to many, it jeopardizes competition and may put some ISPs out of business.

Business News

Where Did Internet Bandwidth Growth Go?

Small and midsize businesses depend on the internet to communicate with customers, suppliers and employees. So where will it expand next? Nowhere.

Business News

Business Owners Must Embrace New PCI Standard To Keep E-Commerce Flowing

Though intended to bolster security and confidence in e-commerce transactions, the new Payment Card Industry standard also requires a significant investment from most businesses.

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