Phil Geldart

Phil Geldart

Guest Writer / Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eagle’s Flight

Phil Geldart, founder and CEO at Eagle’s Flight, is a recognized authority in the areas of transforming organizational culture and leadership development. He pioneered experiential learning in the training and development industry and has created numerous experiential learning programs which are now used around the world and translated into over two dozen languages. He is an author of seven books, most recently Experiential Learning: Changing Behavior to Improve Performance.

Managing Teams

How to Build a High-Performance Team

These seven components that make up a standard for excellence of performance for a world-class team.
Run a Better Business

Is Anybody Listening? Strategies to Help Business Leaders Tune In for Improved Efficiency

The "messages" we send are very often much more powerful than the words we use to communicate.

3 Reasons That Experiential Learning Boosts Performance

When training incorporates doing it will create more engagement and result in a greater impact on the business.
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