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Former Features Editor, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


Exercise and Engagement, Not Money or Apps, Keep Us Happy, Engaged At Work

After-work activities, especially, shape our proactive behaviour and motivation at the workplace

What Makes Indonesia the Fastest Rising E-commerce Country

The sector has enabled entrepreneurs to reach new customers and grow online by reducing hurdles for entry and allowing easy scalability

How Japan's Largest Online Retailer Became Richer By $990 Million After Lyft's IPO

The biggest ride-hail service in the US, after Uber, priced its initial public offering at $72 per share, with a $24 billion valuation

We Need to Talk About Gender Equality, Now

It's not just about having more women in the workplace. It's about having people with diverse background and talents

The $41.5 Trillion Shopping Bill of China's Smartphone Users

In the past five years, the country has seen an explosive growth in mobile payments, a space dominated by Alipay and WeChat

How Ovo Has Grown to be Indonesia's Largest Digital Payments Platform

The convenience stores, the local retailers have been critical to our success, says CEO Jason Thompson

China Creates a Unicorn Almost Every 4 days, But Still Lags Behind US

The Asian country needs to work more on advanced scientific research capability

How AI Can Help Drivers Avoid Reckless Speeding

The technology can provide commercial fleet managers with insights into positive driving and identifying opportunities for individual coaching

Meet the Superwoman Of the Entrepreneurial World

Lilly Singh, the famous YouTuber, comedian and actor, on life, work, fighting taboos and everything in between

Southeast Asia's Latest Billionaire is A Gaming Guru

The founder of Singapore's tech unicorn Sea established the company in 2009 as an online gaming service

How Freshworks is Trying to Tap the Asean Market

The customer engagement software provider grows 45 per cent year-on-year in ASEAN region

Meet Six Women with Asian Roots who are Redefining Creative Entrepreneurship

As the world celebrates #Balanceforbetter as theme of International Women's Day, we spoke with six creative entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific and beyond to learn why they chose the path they took