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Former Features Editor, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


The Three Apps that will Help You Excel At Productivity

From note-taking to reminders, and motivational quotes, these tools will help you boost your work performance

Here's How These Five Startup Founders Strike Work-life Balance

What people need to know to run a company and manage their personal life

APAC Employees Want Recognition, Not Rewards

They want individual skills and talents to be recognized, says study

Most APAC Businesses Believe Social Media is Vital to Stay Competitive

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most used social networks, finds Hootsuite study

Machines will Handle Over Half Workplace Tasks by 2025

About 75 million jobs worldwide will be lost, a WEF research shows

Three Things to Know When Starting a Food Business

You have to be passionate about the magic of food and how it brings communities together, says BiteUnite's Patta Arkaresvimun

How Organizations can Promote Gender Diversity in Tech

Companies are not applying a gender lens to their corporate social responsibility and philanthropy efforts, research shows

Five Ways to Keep Office Burnout at Bay

Poor leadership and unclear direction is the top reason for stress at workplace, says study

The Demand for Big Data is on the Rise in APAC

Revenue for big data and business analytics solutions to hit $27 billion mark in the next four years

Why We Have to Work Overtime Despite Being Efficient

Nine in 10 employees lose time each day on tasks unrelated to their core job, finds study

What's the No.1 Office Perk?

It's not onsite cafeterias, fitness centres, medical care or childcare

How AI can Diversify Human Thinking Rather Than Replace It

Nine in 10 business leaders across the world believe cognitive diversity is important for management and artificial intelligence will enhance decision making

Go Ahead, Reveal Your Failures to Colleagues

Talking about office disasters is key to better productivity and healthy competition