R. Michael Anderson

R. Michael Anderson

Guest Writer / Founder, The Executive JOY Institute

R. Michael Anderson is the founder of the Executive JOY Institute.


To Be a Big Company Solve Big Problems

Learn how one company turned food industry failings into a commercial enterprise.

When Selling Your Company for $2.5 Billion Leads to Depression

Are you waiting for that big payday to come? Think you'll finally find joy, fulfillment and contentment? Probably not.

5 Steps to Becoming an Authentic Leader

Learn how to be the kind of CEO people naturally follow.
Conscious capitalism

The 4 Principles of 'Conscious Capitalism'

You don't have to give anything up to become a market leader. In fact, you can be the good guy.
Emotional Intelligence

3 Easy Steps to Personal Mastery and Emotional Health

How should you handle anger, sadness and jealousy? Hint: Learn not to fight them.
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