Raffaella Campagnoli

Raffaella Campagnoli

Founder and Managing Director of LIRA Strategy Partners

About Raffaella Campagnoli

Raffaella Campagnoli is the founder and Managing Director of LIRA Strategy Partners. With over 20 years of experience in strategy consulting in international firms, she was formerly the Managing Director at Accenture Strategy Middle East and Turkey for nine years. Raffaella left Accenture after 13 years at the company, during which she led transformation programs in multiple regions (Europe, US, Turkey, Singapore, Middle East), specialized in strategic planning, operating model transformation, zero based budgeting, digital transformation and innovation, ecosystem strategy. Raffaella has been leading impactful transformations in industries like travel and hospitality, fashion, consumer products goods, and retail, thereby  developing a trusted network of partners and experienced professionals. 

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