Rahul Dhadphale

Rahul Dhadphale

Guest Writer
Regional Director for Executive Education for London Business School in the Middle East

About Rahul Dhadphale

Rahul Dhadphale, in his capacity as Regional Director for Executive Education for London Business School (LBS) based in Dubai, has complete responsibility for client relationship and business development regionally for Executive Education. In the Gulf, Dhadphale has managed and continues to manage relationships with some of the most prestigious locally based institutions including governmental, financial services and oil and gas sectors. Prior to LBS he worked a Senior Consultant with StratX, an international boutique consulting firm based in Paris (chaired by Jean-Claude Larréché the Alfred H. Heineken Chaired Professor of Marketing at INSEAD). Awarded his MBA from Bradford Management Centre, Dhadphale specialized in International Business Strategy. In addition, he is an alumni of the London Business School (ADP80) and has successfully participated in and completed a number of specialist training programs.

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