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Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta

Strategist & Management Consultant

Rahul is passionate about Strategy and Change Management.  In his 15 years of professional career, he has advised several Global Corporations in the area of Strategy & Operations as well as formulated and executed Corporate and Business Unit Strategy.

Rahul has strong experience of executing Strategic Initiatives, driving Acquisition Integrations, formulating and executing Customer Advisory Boards, managing Analyst and Advisor relationships and Stakeholder Messaging & Management.

Rahul has spent a substantial part of his career as a Management Consultant working in Big4 firms - Deloitte and EY, delivering large and complex Consulting engagements & Business Transformation programs. 

Business Strategy

Defining & Executing Strategy is a Journey, and Each One Has its Own Path

Being a Bottom-line Player can be a perfectly acceptable strategy, if that is what the company wants to achieve and does not want to grab market share