Ron LaSalvia

Ron LaSalvia

Guest Writer / Retired U.S. Navy Submarine Captain and President/COO of Endurance International Group

Ron LaSalva served 24 years in the United States Navy, rising through the ranks to command two fast attack submarines. Subsequently, on the staff of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he managed the Department of Defense process for assessing future capability needs and approving development of major defense systems. After leaving the military, LaSalva’s passion for small business led him to establish his own consultancy, where his first client was a high-tech start-up.  He now heads the operational and financial performance of the entire portfolio of Endurance International Group brands, leading a global workforce of over 3,800.

Run a Better Business

Taking Command: The Crew Is Only as Good as the Captain

There were only good sailors on the USS Montpelier, but a new commander was needed to make them a great crew.
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