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Sanchari Ghosh

Sanchari Ghosh

Senior Copy Editor, Entrepreneur

Senior Copy Editor, Entrepreneur


From Private Equity To Beauty Business, This Entrepreneur Has Focused on Growth

Apart from offline channels, this company's marketing team is aggressively promoting products online

Business in Transit Mode

Staying productive on the road - while navigating unfamiliar destinations, carrying heavy luggage, and dealing with delays and inconveniences - can be a major challenge.

Fighting the 'Make In India' Battle

People gathered at the cross roads and burnt imported clothes and picketed shops selling foreign goods.
Spiritual Leaders

These #3 Spiritual Gurus are Guide to Living for Entrepreneurs

But, at certain situations we find it difficult to withdraw positivity from within.
Money Management

#5 Money Management Tips for Small businesses

Although you are taking out a small business loan, your personal credit record is a reflection of how you will run your business.
Android Apps

5 Essential Apps You Need To Breathe A Fresh Air

Refer to these five essential Android apps to track the quality of air around you.

How My Childhood Prepared Me To Reach Here

Often a childhood passion drives us to do something really big. We reached out to several entrepreneurs to learn how their childhood shaped them up