Sandra E. Eddy


Internet Law

How to make sure you're following the rules in cyberspace.

Business Netiquette

How to mind your manners when conducting business online.

Virtual Mentors

A myriad of convenient business counseling awaits you online. Here's where.

Online Banking

Use this new technology, and leave long bank lines behind.

Make Money While You Sleep

Turn your Web site into an electronic salesman that generates profits.

Getting Your Fair Share

Why pay retail? Download affordable shareware to experiment with various small-business programs.

A Lasting Impression

Incorporate innovative elements of design to create a dynamic and effective Web site.

Tools Of The Trade: Desktop Publishing

Here's The Equipment You Need To Get Your Business Off The Ground.

Hidden Treasures

Use Windows 95 applets to discover a host of helpful mini-programs.

Experts On Your Side

Use templates to pour your work into molds sculpted by professionals.

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