Sara Rathner


Cash Back, Miles or … Wine? Credit Card Rewards Are Evolving

If cash back and travel feel blah, a new crop of credit cards created by financial startups will reward you in different ways.

How to Leave Crypto to a Loved One

If you don't make a plan for your cryptocurrency, it could be lost after you die. Here's how to make sure it gets passed down to a loved one.

Buy Now, Pay Later Isn’t Bad — But Be Careful

Buy now, pay later services make it easy to go into debt, but if you use them thoughtfully and keep your budget in mind, they can be a helpful payment...

Make Your Money More Exciting — By Keeping It Boring

Growing your net worth doesn’t have to be a thrill ride. Boring money management allows you to live your life while your nest egg grows in the background.

What Mastercard’s New ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Feature Means for Cardholders

With its new Mastercard Installments program, the Mastercard payment network is adding to the growing number of ways consumers can use buy now, pay la...

How to Bounce Back From a Credit Card Mistake

Credit card mistakes happen to even the most seasoned card users. They can be costly, but they're not irreversible. Here are ways to fix and prevent e...

In Your Debt: Back to Pre-Pandemic Spending? Don’t Overdo It

The cost of going out or traveling again might come as a surprise. Don't mindlessly return to pre-pandemic spending. Set a new budget with your values...

Travel Is Complicated Now. Here Are 5 Ways to Stress Less

As someone who, before 2020, went on multiple domestic and international trips each year with relative ease, I was surprised at how overwhelming it wa...

How to Be a Frugal Traveler and Still Have Fun

Most people think about airfare, hotels and rental cars when they price out travel, but other expenses add up, so it pays to get creative and plan ahe...

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