Sid Banerjee

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Clarabridge

Sid Banerjee is executive chairman and co-founder of Clarabridge. A founding employee at MicroStrategy, Banerjee held VP-level positions in both product marketing and worldwide services. During his tenure leading MicroStrategy’s worldwide services division, he grew the organization to 500+ employees supporting enterprise deployments of BI solutions. Before joining MicroStrategy, Banerjee held management positions at Ernst & Young and Sprint International.


Science & Technology

We Want Chatbots to Act More Human But Let's Keep Some Human Traits to Ourselves

The human-bot relationship is the new normal, so we must think critically about the possible long term impact of tone deaf AI.

Science & Technology

What Westworld Got Right About the Future of AI

The promise and concern about artificial intelligence is its ability to seemingly understand and mimic human emotions.

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