Sophia Arakelyan

Sophia Arakelyan

Writer and Founder, BuZZrobot

Sophia Arakelyan is a writer and founder of a publication about AI: buZZrobot. She is an award-winning journalist and has worked with BusinessWeek Russia, where she covered finance/banking and small business topics. An article she wrote that highlighted the issues in the Russian small business ecosystem was admitted as an Article of the Year in 2008 by the Russian National Press Award, “PressCalling.”  She also founded buZZrobot, to deliver a clear explanation of what AI technology is and to cover practical aspects of the field.

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Artificial Intelligence May Reflect the Unfair World We Live in

Our dilemma: Do we "adjust" the neural networks we're creating to make them more fair in an unfair world, or address bias and prejudice in real life?

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