Tammer Qaddumi

Tammer Qaddumi

Founding Partner, VentureSouq

Tammer Qaddumi is a founding partner of VentureSouq, an equity funding platform for early stage companies. Qaddumi is also Vice President of Private Equity at Waha Capital, a diversified investment company based in Abu Dhabi with assets of c.$3 billion. Prior to joining Waha, he worked with UBS and HSBC in New York and Dubai, respectively. Qaddumi previously served as a Fulbright Scholar in Damascus, Syria and worked with the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House in Washington, D.C. He serves on the Board of Directors of Addax Bank in Bahrain and of the Yale Arab Alumni Association.


The Investor's View: Is The App Boom Over?

VentureSouq Founding Partner Tammer Qaddummi talks about his views on the app-reliant business market.
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