Tanveer Zafar


Tanveer Zafar is an experienced writer. Zafar is passionate about covering topics on productivity, creativity, entrepreneurship, blockchain, work, lifestyle and technology.

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Starting a Business

5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Startup's Productivity

Want to optimize your startup's operations? Here are five ways you can use technology not only to support productivity — but increase it.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Here's What All Game Developers Need To Know Before Launching Their Own NFT Marketplace

NFTs have revolutionized the gaming industry, presenting a unique opportunity for game developers to build their own NFT marketplace. But what should they consider before taking the plunge?

Health & Wellness

Maintaining Personal Health in the Remote Work Era

Working from home will give you more freedom and new challenges when it comes to your wellbeing.

Science & Technology

Reshaping In-Game Experiences: Where Web3 Comes In

Web3 and Gaming: All You Should Need to Know

Money & Finance

The Future is DeFi: Going Beyond the Traditional Norm

Decentralized finance is going to continue taking the world by storm.


4 Upcoming and Innovative Projects in the Fashion Industry

Fashion projects that we feel are playing significant roles in the definitive transformation of the industry

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