Tarik Ghanim

Tarik Ghanim

Chief Marketing Officer, Democrance

Tarik joined insurance technology startup Democrance in 2017 as Chief Marketing Officer, where he is responsible for the marketing and business development strategies within the telecommunication vertical.

He has a wealth of experience accumulated across the Middle East telecommunications industry and ICT space. Tarik was previously the Head of Digital Commerce at du and instrumental in establishing the Digital Business department. His unique strengths lie in driving digital transformation and developing strategic partnerships across organisations that support new business streams. 

About Democrance

Founded in 2015, Democrance is an insurance technology startup with a mission to build partnerships that make insurance accessible and affordable to all. The company has created a digital platform that brings together two key industries- insurance and telecommunications.

By forging new synergies, Democrance unlocks new markets for businesses while creating social value for those segments of population that have previously been excluded from the benefits and protection insurance can provide.

Through tapping into technology, the company aims to restore insurance to its original purpose of providing aid for those who need it most but can afford it least.


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