Tatiana Dumitru

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Founder of PreTee Creative

Tatiana Dumitru is an entrepreneur, branding specialist and the founder of PreTee Creative, a branding and design agency. Her mission is to spark each client’s creative vision and bring it to life by elevating their idea and infusing it with her expertise.


Starting a Business

Understanding the Psychology Behind Effective Brand Names That Leave a Lasting Impression

You need to sell a story to sell your product. The psychology of branding is the key to it.

Buying / Investing in Business

How Great Branding and a Stellar Pitch Deck Can Help You Gain a Venture Capital Edge

In a highly competitive marketplace for founders, a powerful brand strategy — including a stellar pitch deck — can make all the difference in taking the next step toward early-stage funding.


What To Consider When Hiring A Branding Expert

Everything to think about before committing on a consultant or agency.


Qué considerar al contratar a un experto en branding

Todo en lo que pensar antes de comprometerse con una consultora o agencia.

Starting a Business

5 Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face When Creating a Brand Name

Naming your brand is a major step for any entrepreneur and comes with a unique set of challenges.


5 desafíos comunes que enfrentan los emprendedores al crear un nombre de marca

Nombrar su marca es un paso importante para cualquier emprendedor y viene con un conjunto único de desafíos.

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