Tiasia O'Brien

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder at co:census

Tech Entrepreneur. Founder of co:census powered by Seam Social Labs Inc. Sociologist & Author researching and addressing #theCivicGap. My mantra: "Data by the people, for the people".


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The Future is Caring About the Human Experience

With excitement buzzing about web3, how can the tech community start to explore how this and emerging technology will impact the human experience?

Why Staying Grounded as a Founder is More Important Than Raising Capital

As a social impact startup, scaling our startup is rooted in our values and not in how much we raise.

Why I Said No to Being Called CEO

A company president rejects the troublesome title of "chief".

The Growing Problem of Transit Equity

In New York City, taking the subway to work has become a job in and of itself.

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