Tiffany Gaines

CEO of SS Global Entertainment, Ent. Executive, Publicist, Author.

Tiffany Gaines is an entertainment executive, bestselling author and philanthropist. She is the sole owner of SS Global Entertainment, non-exclusively contracted with nearly 5,000 creatives and 59 record labels. She helps brands grow through PR, advertising, management and distribution.



4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Media and Publicity to Magnify Their Company or Brand

Understanding how advertising in both traditional outlets, as well as digital, is crucial towards the growth of one's company or brand.


4 maneras en que los emprendedores pueden aprovechar los medios y la publicidad para magnificar su empresa o marca

Comprender cómo la publicidad tanto en los medios tradicionales como en los digitales es fundamental para el crecimiento de la propia empresa o marca.

Growing a Business

If You Don't Have a Strategic Marketing Plan, You're Setting Yourself Up for Failure

Once you've laid out and implemented your strategy, you'll start to see major wins.


Si no tiene un plan de marketing estratégico, se está preparando para el fracaso

Una vez que haya establecido e implementado su estrategia, comenzará a ver grandes ganancias.

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