4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Media and Publicity to Magnify Their Company or Brand Understanding how advertising in both traditional outlets, as well as digital, is crucial towards the growth of one's company or brand.

By Tiffany Gaines

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While the music and entertainment industry may appear to some to be masked with success, fame, wealth, and a world of mystery and potential, most who have played a significant part in it would probably agree that it's no walk in the park. In fact, getting in the door is one thing, however, staying "relevant" enough to have a voice of authority as an expert in one's field becomes more and more difficult each day.

To thrive in an industry that is constantly changing, one must discover the uniqueness of what makes the company, product, or service stand out. For someone like myself, being a serial entrepreneur forces me to focus on the bigger picture so I can master the priorities for the long term. Not only must I continue to network and outsource new business relationships and opportunities, but also maintain the current ones I've already established. As a result, by examining often, I can see what is working more efficiently, which in turn, helps me prioritize time spent for the betterment of the company.

Inevitably, you might reach a point when you feel like you can't continue to grow. However, this doesn't mean there are no growth solutions. While the suggestions shown below are important to those working in the same field, one must understand that they're also extremely relevant to professionals interested in succeeding in a variety of others. Here are four recommendations on how to leverage media and publicity to magnify your company or brand.

Create a website that enhances the value and information of your company's product, service, or message.

Hopefully, considering the age of technology we live in, this is something you've already created and are constantly looking for ways to improve your company's visual content in order to maintain its competitive edge. Surprisingly, however, I have seen many who have not taken advantage of the power of information made readily available via the internet. Not only will your website serve as the hub of your business, but ultimately, your marketing and media outreach core. This is what your potential audience, as well as your loyal client base, will use to stay actively engaged with the information provided. However, If you aren't a savvy website designer, don't let this discourage you from starting one. Consider hiring a content creator who can help with marketing materials such as newsletters, promotional videos, posters, flyers, etc. This not only helps amplify your company's image or brand online but can also increase profit and customer retention.

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Leverage the audiences of companies or brands within your network.

While it's important to continue looking for ways to bring credibility and authority to your brand or company, it's also wise to consider partners within your network who have also worked hard to establish theirs. Throughout the years of their success, they would've also developed a loyal audience worth considering. It can be helpful to advertise their success stories on your media-related platforms. This can be done by way of social media posts, dedicating an entire page of their company or brand on your website, or simply reposting their content. A discussion of cross-promoting with your partners can not only increase the chances of their audience's interest in your company, but also your audience in theirs.

Rely on the power of journalists.

Many people relate when it comes to investing in products or services. Some are in search of relatable trends that make them feel a part of something bigger than just the purchase. Instead of advertising your product or service the traditional way through flyers and ads, sometimes a meaningful message or relatable experience can be told through storytelling. Customers usually remember a unique story associated with an experience with your company, product, or service. By including inspiring messages, stories, or news of individuals who are a part of your organization, this can enhance the interest of a consumer willing to choose your company over another. These stories can be brought to life through journalists, bloggers, and writers. Try pitching how your company has involved itself in community-driven opportunities, philanthropic missions, and highlight your employees and their efforts so when potential consumers read about your company, they'll feel a sense of connection and moral purpose, which will increase the chances of them choosing yours over others.

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Consider the benefits of paid advertising.

There are many kinds of paid media sources and what I've found when helping developing companies strategize in search of ways to improve their overall brand and company is that it's important to gain the knowledge and understanding of the different types of paid advertising available. For example, there are sponsored ads, native advertising, traditional radio, TV, or print campaigns just to name a few. Most companies suffer from stagnancy because of a lack of awareness of accessible resources aimed at increasing growth potential. Investing in specific types of paid advertising that work in the best interest of enhancing a company's message or value in its products or services increases the chances of being seen. Some examples of different types of paid advertising could be targeting certain groups reaching smaller audiences in a distinct geographical area. For print readers, who are typically more likely to look at ads for a longer period of time compared to digital consumers, this allows them to consume and digest the content on a deeper level. Local publications such as community newsletters can also serve to build company recognition which increases word of mouth or indirect advertising. Furthermore, there are social media platforms that offer easy-to-use and in-depth targeting options which ultimately help test which types of messages and ads resonate most with potential consumers.

While these recommendations are not the only resources for leveraging media and publicity to enhance a company's brand or online presence, they do serve as a guide, and, if practiced consistently, can increase the potential of a company's overall reputation and credibility. If entrepreneurs understood the importance of seeking knowledge of the resources available to help further them along their journey, we'd see a lot more success stories than failures. The key here is knowledge. The more you gain, the stronger your company or brand becomes. If a company or brand is going to stand a chance in any competitive industries, it's vital to become familiar with its options.

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Tiffany Gaines

CEO of SS Global Entertainment, Ent. Executive, Publicist, Author.

Tiffany Gaines is an entertainment executive, bestselling author and philanthropist. She is the sole owner of SS Global Entertainment, non-exclusively contracted with nearly 5,000 creatives and 59 record labels. She helps brands grow through PR, advertising, management and distribution.

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