Tim Madden

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Executive Career Upgrades

Tim Madden is a veteran headhunter that has led teams that have placed over 6,000 professionals. He has worked at the largest recruitment firm in the world, responsible for over 50 million dollars of placements of executives. He's a nationally recognized recruiter and has served in the US Army.



4 Warning Signs That Your Job's Corporate Culture Is Broken And Why It Might Be Time to Leave

Troubling workplace attitudes and behaviors could indicate your job's corporate culture is on the brink of a breakdown. Don't miss these four warning signs.

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How to Deal With Career Regret — Even if You're a "Success Story"

Dealing with career regret and turning it into life-enhancing transformations is possible. Here's how.


5 Ways to Stay Organized and Keep Track of Your High-Level Job Search

No matter how high up on the career ladder you are, securing a new job is never easy. Let's run through five of the best ways to stay organized and keep track of your high-level job search.

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Career Transitions You Can Make in Your 40s and 50s

Making a career change is possible in your 40s and 50s so long as you can recognize your skills as transferrable. This article explores some of the best career change options that may inspire your next move.


Transiciones de carrera que puede hacer a los 40 y 50 años

Hacer un cambio de carrera es posible a los 40 y 50 años, siempre que pueda reconocer sus habilidades como transferibles. Este artículo explora algunas de las mejores opciones de cambio de carrera que pueden inspirar su próximo paso.


Cómo afectará el metaverso a los profesionales de nivel superior

Puede pensar que el metaverso no será relevante para usted si trabaja en un sector completamente diferente o si ya ha llegado a un punto superior en su carrera, pero el metaverso se está filtrando en todos los aspectos de la vida, tanto personal como profesional. Aquí hay algunas formas en que puede afectar su vida como profesional.

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