Timothy J. Seppala


Timothy J. Seppala is an associate editor for Engadget.


Business News

SolarCity Roofing Might Cost the Same as Traditional Shingles

It seems like Elon Musk is being intentionally vague on this.

Business News

Yahoo Has Disabled Mail Forwarding. Good Luck Switching Now.

'This feature is under development.'

Business News

Amazon Is Cracking Down on Counterfeit Goods

Apparently by levying a sizeable fee to merchants and requiring loads of proof that the products are legit.

Business News

With Microsoft Tech, You Can Talk to a Hologram of a Co-worker or Friend...or Your Mom

The 'Holoportation' demo brings us closer to the communication method featured in 'Star Wars.'

Business News

This New Fuel Cell Tech Could Power Your Phone for a Week

The tech could even be scaled up for larger applications including electric vehicles.

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