Tom Medema

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO of Bubbles

Tom is the Founder of Bubbles, one of the fastest-growing remote work tools in tech— with a quarter of a million users. As a former CTO, he scaled his last company's remote engineering team from 1 to 150 in under two years. Those growing pains led to Bubbles, an async video collaboration platform.



An Asynchronous Workforce Is The Future. Are You Ready For It?

The benefit of "remote work" is that it should enable greater freedom and flexibility — yet for many, it's led to be even more inundated with communications, back-to-back meetings and extended working hours. To realize the potential of remote work as a path to greater productivity and freedom, we need to move toward asynchronous work. Here's how to do it.


How To Get the Most Out of External Partners

Every business depends on external partners, consultants and agencies. But, unlike your own employees, you don't control their tools, systems and work product. Here's how the best leaders manage third-party contractors.

Recursos Humanos

Por qué Elon Musk y otros líderes tecnológicos tienen razón al prohibir el trabajo remoto

Aunque Elon Musk tiene razón al cuestionar la efectividad de los equipos totalmente remotos, su solución para regresar a la oficina de tiempo completo es errónea. Aquí te presentamos la opinión de un CEO remoto sobre por qué sus preocupaciones son correctas, pero su solución incorrecta, y qué hacer para que el trabajo remoto sea funcional.


Why Elon Musk and Other Tech Leaders Are Right to Ban Remote Work

While Elon Musk is right to question the effectiveness of fully remote teams, his solution to return to the office full-time is misguided. Here's one remote CEO's take on why his concerns are right, but his solution is wrong — and how to make remote work functional.


3 Ways To Ensure Collaboration Between Employees on Different Continents

Technology has made collaboration across space relatively seamless, but time is the most significant barrier most face in reaping the benefits of a global workforce. Overcoming time barriers with remote teams is only possible through asynchronous collaboration. Here's how to do it.


The New Approach to Work Requires a New Approach to Trust

How to maintain high levels of trust in a remote, hybrid, or asynchronous workplace

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