Toufic Kreidieh

Toufic Kreidieh

CEO, Brands for Less Group

About Toufic Kreidieh

Toufic Kreidieh is an entrepreneur, founding partner and CEO of the Brands for Less (BFL) Group, an off-price retail business that provides customers with expensive luxury brands at a fraction of the cost, spanning clothing for women, men, and kids; accessories, toys and home decor products. 

Kreidieh received a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Business Management from the American University in Beirut, Lebanon.

BFL was founded by Kreidieh and Yasser Beydoun in 1996, opening their first store in Lebanon. In 2000, BFL opened its first store and business headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. Kreidieh has played an integral role in expanding the BFL Group portfolio beyond the original Brands for Less platform, through acquiring and creating different concepts like Toys For Less, Homes For Less, Tchibo and MUMUSO.

Today, BFL Group has a large retail presence both online and with over fifty outlets in countries including the UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Malta, Spain and Saudi Arabia.





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