Trevor Hubbard

Global CEO of Butchershop® Global

Trevor Hubbard is the global CEO of Butchershop® Global, a growth and transformation company. His work has helped both new founders and leaders within legacy companies and emerging industries evolve brands, create products and fundraise billions of dollars.

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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

The Metaverse Is the Future of Business. Here's How to Plan for It.

Businesses will soon need professionals whose job is to create a presence and potentially build with Web3 technologies and concepts in the metaverse — and there's plenty that businesses can do now to prepare for that.


Your Job as CEO Is to Make Yourself Replaceable. Here's How to Create a Company That Can Thrive Without You.

These are the steps every CEO should take to hire the right people to keep the company going without them.

Growing a Business

The 'Fail Fast' Method Has Failed Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's "lose big, win bigger" model for success is actually leading to more big losses, and not as many big wins. Here's the approach they should take instead.


This Business Method Takes the Risk of Failure Off the Table

By using this method in your business, you can give everyone a seat at the table and minimize risk at the same time.


Your Employees Want to Be Heard — Listen to the Details That Matter

By reprioritizing your company, including evaluating what employees both want and need, you can create a thriving and successful decentralized structure.


Sus empleados quieren ser escuchados: escuche los detalles que importan

Al volver a priorizar su empresa, incluida la evaluación de lo que los empleados quieren y necesitan, puede crear una estructura descentralizada próspera y exitosa.

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