Vijay Raghunathan

Vijay Raghunathan



Vijay is the co-founder at, a tech-startup working on Digital Twins, Blockchain and AI/ML. He also advises leaders on digital technologies. He lives in Bengaluru, India.

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One's Not Enough! Time for Twins

Green initiatives are turning to digital twins. So what exactly is in store?

Why Digital Twins & BCI Complement each other

Digital Twins and Brain-Computer interface are emerging technologies in their infancy. Together, they have the potential to help advance the cause of each other. Let's look at how

Why Digital Twins are Central to Digital Transformation?

Enterprises no longer have a choice, but innovate for the best customer experience

Why Blockchain and Digital Twins Are Good Partners

If the 'data-rush' history has taught us one lesson, it should be about the data security and privacy

A Quantum Leap for the Digital Twins

Will the advent of quantum computing boost the digital twin initiatives?

Digital Twins vs Simulation: Three Key Differences

A thousand and more ways to learn and optimize from the real-world

The Wisdom of the Crowd

A group collectively makes smarter and better decisions

The Path to Digital Twins

As we build a parallel world in the ether, the barriers withholding the physical will crumble

Why Executives Need to Take Note of 'Digital Twins'

It is a concept, not a single product or a piece of technology

How Telecommunications Industry Can Use Blockchain For Innovation

If 4G and LTE heralded the era of location-based services, 5G is anticipated to propel presence-based services

The Scalability Conundrum of Blockchain Networks

Scaling up is a real fear slowing the enterprise adoption of the technology. Is it really worth dreading?

Three Stars of the Next Technology Revolution

As the world transitions into a cognitive economy, could blockchain serve as the catalyst?

Five Areas to Develop Blockchain Skills Within Your Organization

As the technology advances in the new year, buyers are expecting vendors to demonstrate all-around capabilities

Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Before Starting their Blockchain Journey

They want to be a leader in the space but don't have a clear understanding of the technology

Are Countries Finally Outgrowing Their Fear of Blockchain?

The technology can herald a new era in effectively implementing national programs

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