Vincent Lim

Vincent Lim

CEO, Fanfare

About Vincent Lim

Vincent Lim is the CEO of Fanfare Global Pte.Ltd. He holds a bachelor of science and honours degree in zoology.  He began his professional journey in Big Communication as an executive producer in April of 1999. He received Spirit Of Enterprise award in 2007. As co-executive producer, he produced several international animated TV series, including Dinosaur Train, Zigby, and Master Raindrop. He also directed a movie, Help Get Me Out of Yesterday at Overt Media in 2011, and TV commercials for National Environment Agency, like ‘keep Singapore clean- be considerate and bin it’ in 2016 at Skyshot Pte Ltd. With around two decades of industry experience, he’s currently an Executive Producer at Skyshot as well as CEO of Fanfare Global

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