Yehuda Leibler

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor


Yehuda Leibler is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology & Strategy Officer of ARX, a company specializing in data and AI driven solutions and advisory for the capital markets. He previously served as the CEO of Cortex Group, a leading technology consultancy and is a partner at Invicta Ventures.

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Science & Technology

The Rising Threat of Generative AI in Social Engineering Cyber Attacks — What You Need to Know

The rise of generative AI is revolutionizing social engineering cyber attacks, making them more sophisticated and harder to detect. As these threats escalate, individuals and organizations must stay informed, exercise caution and employ robust cybersecurity measures to counteract this new wave of AI-driven cybercrime.

Science & Technology

How Generative AI Is Going to Change the Capital Markets

How generative AI is democratizing investing, reshaping business operations and altering market dynamics.

Science & Technology

The Information Revolution Put Tech Disciplines at the Center — But Now It Needs the Humanities

As technology achieves more milestones and reaches a certain critical mass, I believe humanities are about to make a long-awaited comeback. Here's why.

Money & Finance

Young VCs Are About to Face Their Greatest Test (a Downturn)

A generation of venture capital investors are about to find out how good they really are, as a market downturn shows who really did their research and who got caught up with the hype.

Thought Leaders

4 Ways to Drive Growth-Unlocking Internal Innovation in Your Organization

Internal innovation is key to building a growth-enabled company. Here are four steps that must be taken to achieve that.

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