Zack Rosen

Entrepreneur Leadership Network VIP
Co-founder and CEO of Pantheon

Zack Rosen is the co-founder and CEO of Pantheon, an established leader in the WebOps space, and a passionate proponent of advancing the open web.



The Tech Landscape Has Changed and It's Time Tech Leadership Change With It.

A shift from growth over everything else to a focus on profitability and a more attuned perspective on presence and leadership are among some of the top priorities tech leaders should have in mind this year.


How Digital Marketers Can Do More With Less

Why going back to the basics of customer experience can give marketers the efficiency leverage they need.

Data & Recovery

The One Tool We Need to Solve 2022's Biggest Problems Is Already in Our Hands

The open web is messy and imperfect, but it's stronger than ever.


La única herramienta que necesitamos para resolver los problemas más grandes de 2022 ya está en nuestras manos

La web abierta es desordenada e imperfecta, pero es más fuerte que nunca.


Websites Matter More Than Ever. So Why Do Many Still Fall Short?

Three reasons digital experiences aren't living up to customer expectations.


Los sitios web importan más que nunca. Entonces, ¿por qué muchos todavía se quedan cortos?

Tres razones por las que las experiencias digitales no están a la altura de las expectativas de los clientes.

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