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4 Reasons Brands Should Use Periscope

This story originally appeared on PR Daily

Where else can you see the CEO of T-Mobile jogging through Central Park, a photojournalist reporting from , author chatting from his apartment in New York or a famed fighter answering their fan's questions?


The answer: Periscope.

It's only been a couple months since Periscope came out for iOS, and more recently for Android, but it's already become the latest craze. However, though many people are talking about it, few brands are actually walking the talk.

According to TechCrunch, 10 years of content is streamed daily on Periscope, and since its launch, roughly 380 years of content has been watched by users. Despite this, most brands have been slow to adopt Periscope or Meerkat into their mix. Most have remained on the sidelines watching what others are doing, waiting to make up their minds.

Not every should be on Periscope, but marketing pros in industries where is gaining traction can't afford to lag behind. Building a presence and a following on Periscope will be easier in the app's early stages, giving time to perfect the brand's strategy before mass adoption.

More users are adopting live mobile broadcasting. It's the perfect time for brand managers to use this new platform to engage new and existing audiences and gain an online presence in the live streaming world.

Here are four reasons why PR and marketing pros should take Periscope seriously:

1. Periscope's numbers are increasing

With 1 million users in its first 10 days, Periscope has taken the social media world by storm. Many people haven't been this excited about social media since 's debut.

Though some data shows a lack of awareness about Periscope in comparison to platforms like Vine or Snapchat, more and more users are joining. Many Periscope users have also seen a steady increase in followers, especially after Periscope for Android was available.

"More Periscopers are joining each day, and brands (small or big), that jump in now will have the advantage with the millions of users," said Robert C. Stern, a social media strategist with The Social Leader. " Smaller companies will be able to compete head-to-head now with the larger brands for little to no expense."

2. Geo tagging and sharing are a marketer's dream

Periscope's map feature, despite it's stalkerish capabilities, can be a great way to target specific audiences.

You can identify who is using Periscope in a certain market, what they are talking about and what their interests are without getting into trouble like the NSA. This feature can also aid in hyper-local promotions.

Twitter also added a feature that allows followers to share a scope with their followers on Twitter. That's where things get interesting and where brands can find great value.

"This is massive," said Mark Shaw, a U.K. Twitter and Periscope expert. "If you do a show and a person who has 3 million followers shares it on, you've hit the jackpot. I keep reminding people that integration with Twitter is the most important thing. Periscope is not a stand-alone app."

3. Brand managers that already use it are gaining confidence

Brands like Applebee's, SanDisk, Doritos, Southwest Air, Adidas, Hootsuite, UFC, & Elle Magazine are already building an audience on Periscope.

I recently did a scope asking my followers which brands they follow on Periscope and who's doing a great job. I was surprised when most everyone came up with the same list.

This is proof that brands have a chance to gain traction before the playing field gets too crowded. Plus, many brands do have Periscope accounts, but most are inactive and don't have broadcasts listed. Now is the perfect time to gain fans from these early adopters who will become the Periscope influencers and stars of tomorrow.

"By connecting with early adopters brands can show that they're savvy and real," adds Ryan Bell, founder of Periscope Community Summit and editor for The Good Men Project." You'll have the opportunity to understand the landscape and build a community before your competitors."

4. The future of the web is video

Snapchat is building its own news team, and Instagram is now selling ads. The business of visual on social media is booming. Video has been tagged as the future of social media, and live streaming apps like Periscope are the perfect place for native video to emerge.

"The future of online communities relies heavily on video to convey messages," said Portland-based trend forecaster, Jena Nesbitt. "On Periscope we are watching the birth of a compassionate social media platform filled with honest, inspiring, & raw conversation. The rise of live broadcasting empowers people from all over the world share their opinions, ideas, & lifestyles in a truly engaging way."

These are just four reasons why PR and marketing pros should be taking a closer look at their clients' and brands' Periscope strategy. It's definitely time for you to wake up and smell the live streaming.

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