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The Winner's Circle Times may be tough, but our 10th Annual Business Travel Award winners still make travel a pleasure.

By Christopher McGinnis

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Sweeping change. revolution. upheaval. Transformation. Whatever you care to call it, the business travel market is experiencing it right now.

But even in these lean and uncertain times, our latest Business Travel Awards winners are still going out of their way to cater to business travelers' growing needs. Interestingly, several previous (some perennial) Business Travel Awards winners are the very companies that are flourishing today. Prior winners such as AirTran, Frontier and Southwest are now the darlings of the air travel market. Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express and W Hotels are leading the pack in their respective hotel segments in many ways. In addition, Payless and Thrifty are currently picking up where the major car rental companies have left off.

Because it's becoming increasingly important to get a bigger bang out of every business travel buck, we've found other companies worthy of joining the ranks of our previous winners. So look no further than our 10th annual Business Travel Awards for help in your search for value. This is not a formal or scientific survey, just a subjective list of suppliers who offer affordable options to value-driven travelers everywhere.

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