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Stacy London on Styling the Life of Your Dreams

This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes

Sometimes I meet someone awesome that I know right away I want to interview on The School of Greatness.

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Stacy London

But it doesn't always happen immediately. And sometimes that works out for the best because by the time we get around to the interview, they are up to even bigger things.

Such is the case with today's guest, my friend Stacy London.

If you watched the hit show What Not to Wear on TLC for any of its 10 seasons, you'll recognize Stacy as the iconic stylist with the gray streak in her hair.

But she is much more than that.

Stacy is an incredible example of building a positive self-image, style, and career despite big challenges.

We met through my friend Nick Onken and I have loved learning her story and becoming friends with her.

In our interview she tells the behind the scenes details of how she overcame a skin disorder, autoimmune disease, poor self-esteem, and the grueling schedule of shooting a TV show and has created a career and brand that is centered in making people, including herself, feel and look their very best.

Even if you don't care about fashion at all, Stacy sheds interesting light on why style matters for everyone.

I love everything we talk about in this Episode 327 with Stacy London.

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Some questions I ask:

  • What was the biggest thing you learned from working with Oprah? (13:29)
  • What's the difference between fashion and style? (15:03)
  • What are some of your suggestions to deal with physical insecurities? (29:00)
  • Why are we harder on ourselves than on others? (32:37)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Stacy loves the word "almost" (3:00)
  • The tough health effects of being on a TV shooting schedule (10:46)
  • The difference between how men and women view their bodies (16:15)
  • How Stacy dealt with an autoimmune disease called psoriasis (18:00)
  • The significant emotional side effects of skin conditions and how to manage them healthily (20:50)
  • How Stacy used her insecurities as an asset on TV (27:00)
  • How media culture has gone from "how to" to "me too" (37:25)
  • Why Stacy thinks self-esteem is so important (45:50)
  • The wonderful side of getting older (51:30)

You can also watch the video below.

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