Camps For Children

Startup Costs: $10,000 - $50,000
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? No

Every year millions of parents shuffle their children off to various types of camps for myriad reasons. This is an age-old and gigantic industry, but it always has room for new and fresh ideas. One example of the many camps you can run in this industry is a weeklong children's acting camp. Every child wants to be a star and ham it up for friends and family. Of course, the side benefit to this type of training and education is that it builds confidence and social skills. Acting camps generally take place in the summer over the course of a week, and are based on a day-camp platform. You can also run this camp during different times of the year. The camps can take place on nights and weekends spread out over longer periods of time. Try to make your camp all-inclusive, which in the case of an acting camp might include a child's acting resume, headshot and videotaped performance. All of these items, with the addition of a completion certificate, can be presented to the students and parents at the end of the camp after a performance. Marketing will require a savvy campaign including brochures, free information seminars, and possibly even a noted professional spokesperson in the profession of the camp you're hosting. Other ideas for camps you could host are music, computers, science, art, sports or anything else you can come up with. Of course, you can just run a traditional camp without a theme. If your facility is near the homes of your campers, you may want to offer tutoring and lessons when camp isn't in session.

The Market

Children ages 9-16.

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