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Startup Costs: $10,000 - $50,000
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? No

A terrific opportunity exists for carpenters of every skill level to earn a substantial full- or part-time income by setting up a fully equipped carpentry shop at home if space and zoning allows, or in a rental shop space. Offer customers various woodworking and carpentry services, including lumber milling, planing, joining, sawing and gluing, as well as custom work such as shaping and sash construction. Commercial-grade carpentry equipment such as a table saw, joiner, planner, radial arm saw, compound miter saw, shaper, bandsaw and dust-collection system will be required. Most if not all of these items can be purchased in good secondhand condition from auction sales, newspaper classified ads and shop closeouts for about half the cost of new. Potential customers include homeowners in need of custom-milling and woodworking, as well as commercial clients such as contractors and renovators also in need of custom-milling and woodwork. Selling exotic woods, related tools and supplies to hobbyist woodworkers and craftspeople can also help to boost revenues and profits.