Business Idea Center - Home Products/Services

Apartment Prep Service

Use your talent for handiwork to start an apartment prep service business.

Windows Installation and Home Improvement

Replacing windows is one of the most frequent home improvement renovations, a fact that may make you want to break into the industry.

Home Storage Solutions

Help others clean up their clutter with a home storage solution business.

Wood Furniture Refinishing

Make that old furniture you love look like new again, or build a new piece altogether.

House Sitting

Take care of homes when their owners are away with a house sitting service.

Moving Service

In the midst of a nearly 20-year high in the number of Americans changing residences, this type of company is in a remarkable position to tap into once-in-a-generation levels of applicability and profitability.

Home Inspection

Are you detail oriented? Consider starting a home inspection service.

Property Manager

Lease apartments, make repairs and set your own schedule as a property manager.

Interior Design

Play with colors, shapes, lighting and fabrics. Design creative indoor spaces that fit your clients' needs.

Remodeling Project Management

Coordinate all the different people and companies involved in a remodeling project to keep homeowners happy.

Renovation Service

Reinvigorate people's homes with a renovation service.

Residential Cleaning

You'll clean up while making homes spotless with a residential cleaning business.

Residential Safety Consultant

Have an eye for hazards? Help clients feel safe at home.

Interior Landscaping Service

Use your green thumb to bring the outside in with an interior landscaping service.

Roof Repair

Not afraid of heights? Help homeowners fix their roofs.